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A united medical staff that endeavours to improve quality care and collegiately for the community we serve.



  • To nurture the relationships between Physicians and other Health Care Professionals through meaningful communication and mutual respect.

  • To develop formal communication strategies with administration and to improve patient care and the Physician experience

The Chilliwack Medical Staff Association Initiative exists to support the improvement of medical staff engagement within Chilliwack General Hospital and the Fraser Health Authority. The CMSAI contributes to the development and achievement of Fraser Health Authority plans, concerning matters directly affecting physicians and patient care. The CMSAI receives annual funding from the Specialists Services Committee. This funding is to be used to, govern and administrate the costs of the Society and to compensate physicians for their time in participating in internal meetings with Fraser Health Authority and or Chilliwack General Hospital representatives. Projects involving collaborative care between physicians and medical staff can be brought forward to the CMSAI working group for review and approval.


The Chilliwack Medical Staff Initiative was incorporated March 2017, Drs Paul Mallam, Alex Bartel, and Susan McDonald are the founding directors of the organization. A full working group compromised of Specialists, Family Practitioners, and Department heads, meet monthly to conduct the business of the organization and review projects. Fred Meyerink is the Society Administrator and Project Manager. 


Dr susan McDonald


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Dr Diala El-Zammer


Dr Paul Mallam


Fred Meyerink

Society Admin 

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