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Project Lead: Dr. Ritesh Parekh

The goals of the Geriatric Friendly Emergency Room project are as follows:

  • To identify gaps, communications issues and reasons for Emergency Room visits by frail elderly ER visits

  • Providing geriatric resources for Emergency Room patients and staff

  • Better communication and transitions to home from the Emergency Room

  • Not to duplicate ER2home initiative, but work with the Emergency Room

  • improve communication with Emergency Room Personnel

The Geriatric working group includes all stakeholders in the Emergency Room, along with Hospital Administration and outside organizations such as Home Health. Progress has been made in making the Geriatric visit more comfortable for the patient during their Emergency Room Visit. The group is currently working with the UBC Sauder School of Business to bring in an intern to map the complete Emergency Room Process, then identify the confliction points and recommend remedies to the group.

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