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This CMSAI activity supports improved quality of patient care, engagement across specialties, improved working environment and a culture that supports appropriate and constructive physician advocacy for improved patient care. It is also anticipated to have a direct impact on recruitment and retention for our community by making this a supportive environment in which to work.


We intend on continuing to develop a physician wellness strategy to produce awareness of, and strategies and opportunities to prevent physician burnout. After the successful completion of the first Physician & NP Wellness retreat in March 2019, survey results indicated a clear need for a wellness strategy to address the burnout symptoms in our community of physicians and NPs.

Proposed activities include:

• Social events supported by the Division/MSA

• A wellness-focused educational event supported by the Division/MSA

• Ongoing measurement of burnout symptoms as assessed by the Physician Well-Being Index (Mayo Clinic)

• February/March 2020 Physician & NP Wellness Retreat and Family Weekend

• Ongoing project management support by the Division of Family Practice

On February 28-March 1, 2020  we held our 2nd Annual Physician & NP Wellness Conference

Theme: Mindfulness in Medicine

Using mindfulness to positively impact patient care & professional burnout

In attendance, 33 Family physicians, 7 Specialists, 2 Medical Residents, 8 NPs, 5 conference admin (incl facilitator)

100% of participants agreed that the following goals were met:

  • I have an increased understanding of the mechanisms behind mindfulness that can positively impact patient care.

  • I have an increased understanding of the mechanisms behind mindfulness that can mitigate professional burnout.


  • I learned practical skills I can apply in my workplace.


  • I was provided with adequate opportunities to build relationships and network with my fellow providers.


As a result of the weekend, providers gained an increased awareness of and skills to manage personal stressors & patterns of reactivity; self-compassion & gratitude; how to integrate mindfulness techniques into their work to decrease stress and benefit patient care. As with last year, the providers highly valued the opportunity to connect with peers, learn alongside their colleagues, build community and work on self-care with their fellow providers.


We believe as a result of these weekends and ongoing supports during the year, that we are supporting the continued growth of a collaborative and mutually supportive community of providers who value each other as professionals and peers.

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